1. Engineering Consulting
    Engineering Consulting
    We help our customers to evaluate and re-engineer their power infrastructure to allign with their business needs We help our customers to reduce wastage and minimize power consumption thus helping them to make huge savings We help our customers to keep their power infrastructure running optimally and cost-effectively by providing proactive maintenance operations.
  2. Power Quality Solutions
    Power Quality Solutions
    We provide power quality solutions to ensure that our customers' critical business infrastructure receives clean and stable power their required to operate optimally, efficiently and safely. Our power quality products and solutions includes the supply, installation and maintenance of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), line compensators, AVR and stabilizers.
  3. Power Availability Solutions
    Power Availability Solutions
    We install power backup systems which main components are off-grid inverter and deep cycle batteries. This allow the user to store up electricity energy from the grid when available or from other sources like the AC generators and make use of the stored energy during critical or preferred time when there is no longer supplies from the grid or the AC generator. We also install solar systems, turbine powered with wind energy, gas or fuel (diesel). The solar systems can be hybrid when integrated with generator and/or the grid and can be switched automatically.
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