About Us
ISOTEC Engineering Company is an engineering service and solution company with a niche focus on providing power quality and availability solutions to our numerous customers (individuals and corporate bodies) towards ensuring that they have clean, reliable, available and affordable power supplies for their home appliances (in the case of individuals) and for their critical business infrastructure (in the case of organizations).

To achieve our core business focus stated above, we partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Schneider Electric, APC, Emerson, Ashley Edison and several others to deliver unequalled and unparallel engineering solutions to our most valued customers.

We do not just dump hardware to our customers, we provide after-sales support and maintenance services thus ensuring that our customers have great value for their investment.

Our team of engineers are well trained, customer-focused and experienced. In ISOTEC Engineering Company, we take our customers' needs and expectations very serious because they are the reason why we are in business.
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